What We Do

Red Dot Payment is here to make payments as simple and hassle-free as possible. We work for some of the biggest and brightest companies across Asia and the globe, bringing a premium payment service with a focus on cost reduction, revenue growth and flexibility.

Bringing you both local and global payment modes

Our Products

From online consumer payments to B2B payment collection, we are here to help you navigate the payments landscape. Whether improving your margins or launching new digital channels, our aim is to make payments simple, easy and efficient.

Online Payments

RDP Connect™ is our secure payment gateway, allowing you to accept online payments from your customers and business partners across Asia and the globe.

Rapid e-commerce

RDP InstanPay™ is an easy and quick way to launch an e-commece site, allowing online product sales or payment collection at offline events.

Online Invoicing

RDP InstanCollect™ moves paper-based invoicing and payment collection into the digital world, supporting improved cash-flow and B2B collection.

Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments is our subscription-management solution, allowing you to charge your customers on a periodic basis.

Alternative Payments

eMOTO gives you the option to accept payment via telephone and email, supporting non-digital and alternative payment markets.

Global standards in payment modes and security

How can we support you

One-click Payments

Fast and efficient payments for customers

Local Payments

Service local consumers with local payment methods in various countries

Global Payments

Accept all major global payments and currencies

Recurring Payments

Support subscription based business models

Online Invoicing

Invoice and collect payments automatically with e-invoicing

Alternative Payments

Service a wider customer base with telephone payment

Tailored Solutions

Solutions that match your specific needs and ambitions

Trusted Security

Attained the highest level for security (PCI DSS)

Personalised service

Hassle-free implementation with dedicated support

What our clients say


We are here to provide all the help, support and advice you need to get started.