Introduction to Australian Companies

In the week of 19 June 2017, Red Dot Payment participated in a series of business introduction meetings in Australia. Co-organised by IE Singapore and AI Group, the meetings allowed more than 20 Australian SMEs in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to better understand service offerings from three Singapore-based companies including Red Dot Payment.

Red Dot Payment’s presentations focused on the diversity of Southeast Asian markets, the growing affluence of its people, and how Australian companies were poised to take advantage of e-commerce potential for the region in the coming decades. “With the Gross Merchandise Value for e-commerce transactions estimated at between US$88-$200 billion by 2025, Australian companies should extend themselves now to take advantage of this growth,” stated Gurmit Singh, RDP’s CMO who represented the firm during the 5-day excursion.

Gurmit met with a variety of companies, ranging from food suppliers to hair solutions manufacturers, all of which were keen to explore and improve online sales to Southeast Asian countries.

“It was a fruitful trip, not only from the lead generation perspective, but also to meet with business owners and e-commerce managers to understand their concerns and business issues. Most of them already sell domestically and may not appreciate the logistical and payment complexities of the region. RDP is here to help them to make the most of their potential.”

“I’d like to thank IE Singapore for the opportunity, as well as Y-Ventures and SingPost which joined RDP in presenting a complete e-commerce proposition to these great Australian merchants,” Gurmit concluded.