Engaging With The Hospitality Crowd At Distribution Strategy Event 2018

2018 promises to be another year of robust growth for Red Dot Payment (RDP). Our Thailand team welcomed the new year with a presentation to hotel and hospitality managers at the RateGain Distribution Strategy event in Pattaya. This was RDP’s third invitation to present at RateGain events, alongside other service providers who cater to the hotel industry.

Business Development Manager Kornveena Chatchawalworapong gave a presentation that explained how tourist arrivals into Thailand correlated with large hotel chains accepting popular Chinese payment modes, and how hotels could take advantage of e-commerce solutions to improve guests experience.

“It was a fantastic event to be there at – meeting our partners from RateGain and to present to such an engaging audience,” Kornveena expressed.

She commented that the audience was immensely interested in RDP’s InstanCollectTM solution which allowed hotels to transform their acceptance of online payment while providing assurance to customers and boosting operational efficiency.

With this great start of the year, RDP is looking forward to more engagements with decision makers keen to take advantage of e-commerce solutions.