Eika Group Visits Red Dot Payment To Discuss The Future Of Payments

Red Dot Payment (RDP) played host to a visiting group from Eika Group in Norway. Eika represents about 70 local banks in Norway with the aim of providing integrated solutions for information technology and payment processing, project management, training and expertise development.

The visit to RDP came at the tail end of the group’s mission of discovery in Singapore, to learn about the future of payments from an Asia Pacific perspective. In the 2-hour long meeting, we discussed the growth of e-commerce in Asia Pacific, how China has changed the world with QR codes and mobile adoption for payments, blockchain, e-wallets, how fintech disruption is affecting banks, government regulations around privacy and data, and initiatives Eika had and is thinking of introducing to its client banks in Norway.

This meeting was organised for Eika Group by Erik Ingvoldstad, CEO of Acoustic Group Pte. Ltd. (www.acoustic.agency).