RDP Direct APIs

APPENDIX D (‘fds’ Query Result Response Parameter)

Field Name Status Value Type Description
status Mandatory TEXT

Status of the transaction that’s verified by the FDS (Fraud Detection System).

Some possible values:

  • Passed
  • Accepted
  • Alert
  • Rejected
  • Declined
  • Error
  • Test
  • Reserved
  • FraudWall failed
score Mandatory TEXT

Returned score value from the FDS.

reason Mandatory TEXT

Response or reason message from the FDS.

Sample of the fds query response parameter is as follow:

  • For success or passed case:
  • "fds": {
        "status": "Passed",
        "score": "100",
        "reason": "xxx xxxx xxxx"
  • For rejected case:
  • "fds": {
        "status": "Rejected",
        "score": "30",
        "reason": "xxx xxxx xxxx"