RDP Hosted and Direct Tokenization API

APPENDIX A (Response Code)

Response Code Description
0 OK
-1 Bank / acquirer rejection.
-01 Pending transaction.
-1000 unexpected exception
-1001 undefined process
-1002 invalid request parameters format, must be in JSON
-1005 api_mode can only be : direct_token_api, hosted_token_api
-1006 merchant is not setup to use [string] api_mode.
-1007 token-channel is not setup to use [string] api_mode
-1013 order_id is required to consists only alphanumeric, dash, or underscore characters with the maximum of 32 chars
-1303 [string] is an invalid form-mode
-1304 invalid signature for starting start_process_payment
-2001 [string] is not found in request
-2002 [string] cannot be empty
-2003 [string] at maximum should be of %s length
-2004 [string] at minimum should be of %s length
-2005 MID is not found
-2006 invalid format of card_no
-2007 invalid format of exp_date (should be in MMYYYY format)
-2008 invalid format of payer_name can only contain alphanumeric, dash, space
-2009 invalid format of payer_email
-2010 type can only have the value of C,R,M.
C : create token;
R : remove token;
M : modify token;
-2011 your account is not setup to access RDP TOKENIZATION Feature
-2012 invalid signature
-2013 for removing token, please use our direct_token_api
-2015 token_id is not found
-2016 payer_id has been used before
-2017 [string] can only consists of alphanumeric, space
-2018 payer_email is not a valid email address
-2019 request requires either wallet_id or card_no
-2201 duplicated order-id while your account is setup to enforce unique order-id
-2202 failed to generate transaction-id
-3001 the card has been tokenised before
-3002 failed to generate token : [string]
-3003 initial tokenization request failed. Please recreate token.
-9999 the same transaction-id is already processed before, please redo the trasaction-id generation